Welcome to IJlst!

My name is Teerdze Holtrop, teacher, writer and poet. May I invite you to follow me? In 18 short stories, I’ll show you around the city of my childhood, the IJlst of 1868. You’ll notice that not much has changed ever since.

This route starts at the house where I used to live, at the beginning of the Eegracht. From that point on, I tell you a story at 18 different spots in the city. You can listen to them in the order that I propose, but also in the order you prefer, or if your time is limited just a selection.

The ‘Spots’ menu contains a list of all locations. Switch on the GPS function on your phone or tablet, and you see where the nearest stories can be found.

The ‘Map’ menu shows all the locations on the streetĀ planĀ of IJlst.

I wish you a nice day and a pleasant walk.